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Downtown Ministries Food Drive Is Going on Now! * Deadline is November 4

Let’s bless needy families in our community! Please bring items into the office lobby by November 4. Needed items and their respective quantities listed below:

  • can of brown sugar baked beans (large, Bush’s if possible)—3

  • cans of turkey chili (8 oz.)—6

  • cans of large pitted olives—6

  • fruit juice (no prune, tomato, cranberry, or grapefruit)—3

  • pancake mix (just add water)—3

  • jars of pickles (any kind)—3

  • jars of jam or jelly—3

  • cans of pasta (ravioli)—6

  • cans of chicken—3

  • medium size turkey pans—3

  • boxes of side pasta dish—3

  • instant coffee—3

  • cans or jars of turkey or chicken gravy—6

  • canned milk—3

  • cans of hearty soup (all the same kind—no acidic ones)—6

  • quarts of mayonnaise—3

  • squeeze bottles of mustard—6